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to analysts it is a multitude of factors. one is because the economy is doing well as though the cost of crude oil is ouup. another thing is processes are turning over to the spring/summer blend. that means some of these production is down why they make that switched over. as we get closer to the summer blend we may continue to see prices go up. they may continue go up all the way through april. >>-i knew i should fill up three days ago. >> the good news is that gas will probably be more expensive so fill up today and again be your friend. >> i have no choice, have 2 mi. left. >> the good news is today's gas prices will be cheaper than tomorrows. americans are bombing about 4% of their incomes into buying gasoline. the energy barbets is u.s. households spent an average of just over $2,900 on gasoline last year. that is eyes level and for years. the percentage rates similar levels in 2008, when a red hot global economy and panic over dueling surprising gas prices to the roof. the nationwide average price for gas of regular gas out cast it $3.60 last year also a record high. >> police have relea
for the first time since before the financial crisis rocked the world economy. it's a milestone. although at the new york stock exchange, traders seemed to be taking it in stride. still.the dow hit the mark. thanks in part to a good january jobs report. good car sales. and better consumer confidence and manufacturing. analysts like it.but say it doesn't mean all 'that' much. they've got their eyes on the next big one. >> 'those are certainly nice round numbers. which again, we have done before." i think it will be more of an event if we break through that october 20th 07 all- time high. >> catherine: the october 2007 high he's talking about -- that's when the market hit 14,164. it's not far off. and it's what everyone's watching forlet's take a closer look at that jobs report which was released today. it basically indicates that job growth is holding steady despite some snags. the economy added 335- thousand more jobs than originally estimated during all of 20-12. as for last month -- it added 157-thousand jobs. not as good as the previous month - but still a gain. meantime. hiring is bar
. >> this just then. the january jobs report has came out. the economy added hiring hs picked up but we are seeing more people tried to enter the workforce. the unemployment rises. it is up to 7.9%. we will have more on the markets as kron 4 continues. at ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone. >> this is a live shot of interstate 80 where police are looking for this flat bed pickup truck. the driver has apparently kidnapped a child. we will give you more information coming up. this person is supposed to be a relative. >> new data from consumer intelligence research partners say that iphone users pay the highest monthly bills. 60 percent of iphone users holden said, that they pay more than $100 per month for their service. only 50% of android users fell into that same category. black berry and windows phone users paid even less. cirp says, that the reason is most likely due to a carriage users' fees which the ce
and making the economy worse because it takes money to fix it. >> i think that when the liquor kick and they went out to the streets and the crowd let them play. now the half to help prevent them from playing. they still have to get them relaxed but there are going to do more harm if they still let them go. this time, controlled bomb before it happens. >> the business owner of this restaurant el toro is that he did sustain damage and but he is hoping that things will be different because he is right next door to the police station. he is warning people to not come out and destroyed property. with the new media of everything is caught on camera and they will prosecute to the full extent. >> they have also been clearing some of those metal trash cans. to try to get the fuel out of the mission district. >> yes. of the public works to apartment have cleared out trash cans. according to that business owner he says that those have been able to be removed for that reason. they can take them and smash them and also warn business owners. the city has cleaned up those trash cans. >> thanks. k
: now for today's market update. stocks close lower after a new report that showed the economy unexpectedly contracted in the fourth quarter. the federal reserve also said growth has "paused" in recent months. on wall street. the dow lost 44-points. it's biggest drop off in three weeks. the nasdaq was down 11. and the s-and-p-500 fell five. >> facebook has gained so many mobile users this year that for the first time the number of active daily users are using their phone to check facebook more than their computer. the company's focus on putting mobile first, with new apps and features, is paying off. facebook is the largest social network in the world, and it was the most used mobile app across i=o=s and android devices in the united states in 2012, according to recent score numbers. still ahead, gary radnich will speak with the steve young the great interview and one of the 49ers final practices before the sunday game. what the players are saying. gary radnich is coming up, do not roof. do not mo tofu do not move.... well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we cou
sunday. >> a report showing a shrinking economy in the fourth quarter of last year led to declines on wall street. the dow fell 44 points to its other 13,910 the nasdaq was down 11 points and the s&p 500 block of its biggest decline in the year following six points to 1501. the labor department releases weekly job claims this a day ahead of the monthly jobs report summer of for january. we will see the unemployment rate changes it currently stands at 7.8%. the senate is expected to pass a bill standing the federal government's 16.4 trillion limit on borrowing through may 18th. without the bill, the government would default on its obligations by as early as mid february. the house passed the legislation last week. if the senate approves the, the measure will go to the president who is expected to sign it immediately. faced with has delivered fourth quarter results above wall street's expectations and says its mobil ad revenue a closely watched figure is growing. facebook earned 64 million, or 3ยข per share in the october 3rd december. . that's down from three added 60 million, or 14
this week, airasia x will not allow passengers under 12 to sit in the first seven rows of economy class. the additional cost for the seeds and the quiet zone is around 11 to $35. the budget airline says those child free rose also have softer lighting and are located away from toilets. how effective will this quiet free zone be? given its charge ignores many maybe even several away. we as yet kron4 facebook page and here's what you're saying this morning. dana bell says at a parent i would love this! that way i don't have to apologize every 10 minutes to a stranger. leslie says i don't see how this is to help. one can hear screaming kids while sitting in the front and a street kid is the back. i ever grown adults screaming themselves just like a child. and he says i will see how it could help the less there is some sort of sound barrier. >> i would pay to have them seated next that aanny. i'm not kidding. 7:28 a.m. and you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv
a sluggish u.s. economy by keeping borrowing cheap for the foreseeable future. the fed took no new action after a two-day policy meeting. but it stood behind aggressive steps it launched in december to try to reduce unemployment. the government reported today that economic growth shrank from october through december for the first time since 2009. >> pam: just hours ago, blackberry unveiled it's newest phone. some analysts saying this could be the phone makers last chance for a comeback. here with us now -- our tech reporter gabe slate. gabe, we know blackberry has been in some financial trouble -- losing market share to apple and android devices. >> they are of really trying to change their image. let me show you the first video of these new devices caliphate one is a touch screen if the other has a keyboard they will not be on the u.s. market until the month of march. still, no price information. this makes it an act a lot like an android. they are trying to make this android hit. they want it to be more personal and haul the major social media has been integrated. they built in the scho
yesterday after reports show the economy unexpectedly contract it is a the fourth quarter. >> the federal reserve also said growth has caused in recent months. >> here's a look at the numbers. the dow lost 44. its largest drop off in three weeks. the nasdaq was down 11. and the s&p 500 fell five. >> facebook fourth quarter financial results surpassed wall street's expectations but the company's stock is deplore it extended trading. facebook earned 64 million, and the october/december. >> that is down from $360 million a year earlier when it was still a privately held company. >> revenue rose 40% to $1.59--159 billion from 1.13 billion. >> facebook has gained some any mobile users this year, that for the first time more people are checking their profiles and news feeds with their phones and set of their computers. the company's focus on putting mobile first, with new apps and features, is paying off. facebook is a large social network in the world, and it was the most used mobile app across the i o s and android devices and the nine states in 2012. that is according to recent, score number
question is why? there are a couple of reasons. one was because the economy is good set they will drive the price at high. the basic thing is that the spring and winter blend is coming so refineries were shut down. they will switch over to that summer blend. it is more expensive and we could see prices increasing starting in april. officials are hoping a new *private bus stop at van ness and union street will help ease traffic during commute hours. the stop is for private shuttles offering service to companies like google, apple, and genentech. this will be the second bus stop of its kind in the city. there is already one near 8th and market streets. muni is hoping stops like these will keep private commuter shuttles from blocking muni busses during the commute. >> police have released the name of the teenage girl who was found dead in a fairfield park last week. but investigators are still trying to figure out who killed her and why. 13-year-old genelle conway's body was discovered friday morning at alan witt park. family members say the teenage girl was strangled, but police, who've
new this morning about the u.s. economy unexpectedly contract in the fourth quarter. sometimes you have to find the story. the u.s. economy is just one step away from recession. government spending is to blame. the defense spending fell 22% the previous quarter. this is just one off of the cut. this is all tied towards the election. they are stating that maybe the president did this for them to vote for him. >> the federal reserve's are supposed to make their report and we will see how they are going. we are going to keep our policies in place. we are going to have to go back to the factories and start making more things. >> russ is asking if he should buy research in motion now that black berry is finally out? >> you do not chase performance. the company may run out of money. there is a lot of competition out there. i would not chase it. >> katherine wants to know what is the best way to buy gold? >> you see a lot of commercials about gold. there is a huge game and queens. if you do this try to buy the cheaper clones. >> you consent rob your questions on our facebook fan page and
's holding us back instead of helping us grow our economy and strengthen our middle class." >> reporter: monday a bipartisan group of senators laid out plans to push specific immigration reform legislation. >> "i hope i never again in the future have to come back here and say guess what folks, we have another five million people that are here undocumented." >> reporter: conservative groups already are criticizing the proposal as amnesty for undocumented immigrants. the white house says it may introduce different legislation if the senate bill doesn't gain traction. latinos overwhelmingly voted for president obama over mitt romney, but the president did come under fire for not doing more in his first term to overhaul immigration laws. >> "the question now is simple, do we have the resolve as a people, as a country, as a government, to finally put this issue behind us, i believe that we do, i believe that we do." (cheers & applause) >> reporter: house lawmakers may put forth their own bipartisan immigration plan. >> jacqueline: * for a tad to coole temperatures were a tad cooler. otherwis
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12